Product Engineering


The increasing pace of innovation has shortened the life cycle of software products. Against this background, software product companies need more than just another offshore services vendor to collaborate. Athena utilizes its proprietary frameworks and processes to enable a phased delivery thus ensuring clear visibility at each step. Innovations like Solution Blueprint help in improving productivity, creating value and leading a model driven approach in a product life cycle. Having developed multiple products and components ranging from document and record management to knowledge management and middleware components / drivers for databases, Athena has also implemented various language, platform and database independent programming library for its customers.

Athena, during its extensive experience in providing software services, has become a partner of choice for many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). With product development life-cycles being highly changeable and Time-to-Market increasingly becoming shorter, mechanisms like Agile development and Iterative models have become essential components in product engineering services at Athena.

New Product design and development

Athena product design services include product development activities such as product conceptualization, design, initial development or feature enhancement needs of a product. Athena has extensive experience with traditional models like Waterfall and V, and also modern SCRUM based Agile Methodology. For efficient and faster product development cycles, Athena has started adopting novel methodologies such as Kanban.

Feature enhancement

Athena has processes in place to enhance the features of existing products. Closely collaborating with product owners, Athena team ensures the delivery of new features as per the agreed schedules. Our design and development strategies make use of iterative development, modeling, prototyping techniques and closed-loop feedback mechanism for product refinements or improvements.

Product support and maintenance

Our product support and maintenance services help your product achieve traction in the market and sustain success by improving serving delightful customer experiences. These services also help companies to:

  • Cut costs of maintaining older versions of the product
  • Reduce time and effort investments in customer & issue handling
  • Rapidly improve product performance
  • Focus on fostering continuous innovation


  • Greater bandwidth to simultaneously develop multiple versions of products
  • Provide greater functionality at tighter deadlines
  • Shorter release cycles and faster products-to-market advantage
  • Increased scale and capacity to focus while launching new products
  • Extending products to new technology platforms
  • Establishing dedicated offshore development teams and enabling our clients to focus on their core business
  • Provide complete control and transparency
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced product development costs through offshore development

Our Experience

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