Significant breakthroughs in mobile technology and connectivity has given rise to a phenomenal increase in the number of mobile applications being used today in all walks of life. Productivity has multiplied due to availability of emails, documents, CRM records and BI apps on mobile devices. Enterprise mobility brings different functions together and provides employees, suppliers, and customers, access to appropriate data whenever and wherever it is needed.

Athena empowers you to stay up-to-date with the latest and emerging mobile technologies and innovations. Our dynamic path-breaking mobile applications are designed to increase business productivity, application efficiency and overall user experience. Our dedicated team of mobile application experts can design and develop customized applications to suit your business needs.

iOS Application Development

Athena renders high-end iPhone applications for different domains that automate the business and ensure top-notch service to the end-users.

Android Application Development

Athena offers a range of Android compatible mobile applications that not only streamline lifestyle but also boost the business exponentially.

Cross Platform based Application

A weakness in many mobile apps are that they are often restricted to a few platforms (OS) on launch, therefore, we not only offer mobile app development services for different platforms, but also cover cross-platform needs of our clients.


  • Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices
  • Developing server-side and infrastructure, for both location & mapping services
  • Integrating third-party components on the server side
  • Integrating carrier, SMSC and billing systems (e.g. LBS platform for location determination)
  • Coordinating with carriers and device manufacturers for mobile application testing and certification (e.g. NSTL, Java Verified)
  • Launching and distributing mobile applications
  • Application Stores (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Marketplace, Blackberry App world etc…)
  • Providing maintenance and product support services

Our Experience

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