Big Data & Analytics


As the technology helps an organization to break down data silos and analyze, the existing data quality improves, and business can be transformed in all sorts of ways. To analyze such a large volume of data, big data analytics is typically performed using specialized software tools and applications for predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, forecasting and data optimization. Collectively these processes are separate but highly integrated functions of high-performance analytics. Using big data tools and software enables an organization to process extremely large volumes of data that a business has collected, to determine which data is relevant and can be analyzed to drive better business decisions in the future.

Athena provides a holistic approach to resolve your big data challenges and drive significant benefits. The approach combines a thorough analysis of your existing needs and data quality, the use of appropriate big data technology solutions, services and innovative approaches to deliver measurable outcomes. Athena adopts proven Industry-best methodologies and domain expertise to turn problems into successful business outcomes covering every aspect including Data Migration, Warm Archival, Metadata Management, Sensor Data Analytics and Enterprise Data Harmonization.

Athena’s Big Data services include:

  • Data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Big Data infrastructure set up and management
  • Big Data analytics models / framework: Development and enhancement
  • Solution implementation
  • Testing and accelerators
  • Migration to Big Data platform
  • Domain specific analytics platform


  • Extensive research on the impact of Digital Technologies
  • Experience with leading enterprises across the globe
  • A dedicated Big Data team, with a pool of Big Data specialists with offshore delivery centers in India
  • Leverage advanced data science to uncover hidden signals that lead to competitive advantage
  • Design a detailed road map that helps you achieve your long-term vision for Big Data
  • Focused digital enterprise vision
  • Deploy your solution in the environment that best meets your needs: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
  • Range of unique, in-house developed Big Data connectors and solutions.

Our Experience

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