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Technology is the backbone of the digital economy. The rate of change and the level of disruption driven by modern technology are exponential. Advancements in computer processing power, data storage, and chip design; the ubiquity of bandwidth; enterprise mobility; and many other developments that have unfolded in recent years are enabling myriad opportunities that were once impossible, both technologically and economically. We have now reached a tipping point where cognitive computing, big data analytics, cloud computing, and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming businesses around the globe—including those outside the technology sector.

Athena can help technology companies build and deploy innovative solutions that enable them to harness and leverage such dramatic changes in the marketplace to their advantage. A blend of engineering excellence, strong program management expertise and agility to align with customer’s business needs enables us to build long-term relationships with our customers. Our technology professionals have deep expertise in applying technology solutions to help your large scale innovation.

Software Developers

dotts In today’s environment, businesses are highly dependent on IT systems for day to day operations and software developers can use Athena’s skills and capacity to help their applications change to exploit technological advances and new business models.

Software Solution Vendors

dottsAs organizations are evolving into Digital Businesses, their legacy applications require major redevelopment and potentially replacement. Athena’s development and integration testing services help you deliver successful transformation projects.

Independent Software Vendors

dotts We specialize in designing, building, testing, refining and maintaining applications for technology businesses. We help you transition your software to exploit new technology advances and evolving business models.

Software Value-Added Resellers

dotts Athena provides a full range of services from application, testing and maintenance through deployment, upgrades and consulting to help you deliver successful projects.


  • We provide highly skilled professionals to work alongside you with business and subject matter expertise to assist with the successful implementation of your projects.
  • Our passion is helping clients worldwide build stronger businesses and maximize their competitive performance through innovative technologies and processes.
  • Athena’s capabilities and services makes it uniquely positioned to be an end-to-end delivery partner for your IT Solution needs.
  • Proven quality from long-term project delivery experience with higher ROI.
  • Our clients continually benefit from our award-winning client-first culture.
  • Athena delivers a distinctly superior experience to our global clients by nurturing strong relationships, continuing our investments in industry-leading processes and building strong local teams and capabilities.
  • Many businesses have adopted offshore development and in particular India as a crucial element of their global business strategy and technology providers can gain the same advantage using Athena’s skills and capacity.

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