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The global gaming industry is constantly changing and experiencing substantial growth that looks to continue indefinitely. With the advent of newer game styles and platforms, such as mobile gaming, cloud gaming, VR/AR, gaming companies are challenged to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

Gaming companies are challenged to retain and expand their customer base by introducing new compelling experiences across many platforms. Athena’s high quality game services provide customers with exceptional quality at reduced development costs. We have the resources, the knowledge base, creativity, and capability to create some of the most engaging and quality interactive products in the world. We have well thought out, structured production processes supporting our creative teams so we repeatedly deliver great results. Athena’s in depth expertise in the games industry allows to undertake a large variety of different types of projects.

Platform Based Games

dotts Platform games originated in the early 1980s, with 3D successors popularized in the mid-1990s. The expert team at Athena has developed many projects.

Console Based Gaming

dotts As organizations are evolving into Digital Businesses, their legacy applications require major redevelopment. Development and integration testing will be critical to success.

On-line Gaming

dotts Online game worlds have millions of players around the world fighting, buying, crafting, and selling in a variety of online environments.

Mobile Gaming

dotts Athena is a leading interactive gaming company and sits at the vibrant intersection of the most talented game development studios in Mobile Gaming.

Cartoon Based Gaming

dotts The gaming industry of today is a race to see who can score the biggest shooter or open-world franchise. Athena with a decade of experience is pioneer in this field.


  • Technical and design specification experience – GDD, UX, Game flow, RPG mechanics, Balancing, Economy, etc.
  • Development expertise across most platforms (e.g. Mobile – iOS and Android, PC F2P, Console – Kindle, PC Mac, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo)
  • Full game engineering capability – Rendering Engine (3D, 2D), Scripting, AI, Physics, etc. (Java, Unity, Adobe Air, Unreal, Cytec)
  • Provide Game Testing, Certification and Consulting expertise (Full cycle testing, platform certification, engineering evaluations, design flow and balance consultation) including established simulator environments for development and& testing apps on all platforms
  • Can offer game art services – Characters, Props, Level Geometry, Facades, Cinematics – using 3D Studio Max, Maya, Animation Studio, CFD

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