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Many educational institutions and online universities face challenges maintaining consistent quality; ensuring a customer-centric delivery of courseware that is experiential and aligned with organizational goals; retaining students, and minimizing drop-outs; providing assessments and predictive analytics and metrics. Athena helps with technology solutions that increase engagement and expand market reach. Athena enables lower amortization of infrastructure and cost-effective solutions due to its breadth of technology offerings ranging from Moodle and other leading LMS implementations. Athena has a proven platform for increasing enrollments and retaining students to make the Return-On-Experience greater. Athena believes that its student-centric approach will, ultimately, result in better value for customers.

Smart Management

dotts Solutions for handling student enquiries and follow-up, student registrations and monitoring student applications, online enrollment, sharing digital material, online examination and assessment.

Platform Providers (LMS)

dotts With nearly every organization pushing to make their training budgets and content go further, LMS place a key role to make courses available on any device and ready at the learners’ fingertips.


  • As Educational Institutions look for new ways and technologies to address student learning, engagement and retention, Athena is well positioned to help evaluate and deliver the right solutions for these very important metrics.
  • For over 20 years, Athena has partnered with leading colleges and institutions in designing and implementing their IT courses and projects.
  • Athena pioneered programs for engineering graduates with over 100,000 students trained in technology and are ranked as the third largest IT Education and Learning Services provider in South India.
  • Athena, with its IT Transformational Consulting services, addresses all aspects of IT transformation, from strategy through execution, offering clients a new way of thinking about and delivering IT services.
  • Athena’s partnership along with its staff augmentation model, allows organizations to become more agile, flexible, innovative, and responsive, while minimizing disruptions and risks to current business and technology operations.
  • Athena brings together over 20 years of experience in Business and IT Strategy Alignment, Program and Portfolio Management, Change Management, Software Development, Quality Assurance Testing and Consulting.
  • Athena ensures significant reduction in development costs/overheads through proven development frameworks.
  • Proven quality frameworks that ensure quality outcome.

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